My Instinctli Story

Being at work was sitting in a windowless fluorescent-lit office, my body sluggish, and feeling monochromatic. I was spending hours designing feverishly on a desktop computer, chowing on almonds. I could practically turn my keyboard upside-down and empty all the crumbs out for another snack.

Back in 2005, I had just launched into a career as an art director in advertising. I was lucky to have landed a big beautiful account with an incredible team. Intense hours of creative digging allowed me to accomplish some of my best work to date, but underneath it all, my body felt worn out and lackluster in spirit.

I wrestled with this feeling for weeks before picking up my first nutrition book, which set me off on an entirely new direction. I started packing healthy food for lunch and dashing off to yoga to open my scrunched shoulders. These new practices worked well, until I realized that green juices and headstands would only cure some of these ill-feelings. My curiosity grew and I began to explore what other areas might be contributing to how I feel on a daily basis.

Basic. Human. Needs.

There’s an emerging field of research surrounding human connection to the natural world, and our relationship with space and each other. Scientists are studying what we all intuitively know; that our modern disconnection from our basic human needs comes with an emotional, mental, and physical cost.

Imagine how much more efficient we would be–and how much more we would achieve if our outer environment supported our inner needs?

We need to connect to nature, and with each other. We need to explore, play, ask questions, and embrace our curiosity. Modern life —from our workspaces to our homes to how we interact with the outside world–should be designed to support personal growth, not deplete us to rags!

This is me in 2008, so happy to be in Santa Monica on a business trip!:

Happy to be outside on a weekday!

Happy to be outside on a weekday!

Small Shifts
This blog fits within the genre of health and wellness, but you won’t find a smoothie recipe or fitness tip here.

Instinctli is about creating a self-designed life through small shifts that foster a stronger connection with yourself and the outside world.

This is a space for you to explore, share stories, celebrate the small changes you make, start conversations, ask questions, and gain new insights. My hope is that Instinctli will develop into a research lab of nourishing and wise narratives that will help us all unlock that brilliant being inside.

Write me an email and share your story/concerns/tips for how to enrich our outside environment to feed our inner well-being. Thank you! 


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